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The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project 


Pierre Simeon leading a ceramics training session in Kabul.Pierre Simeon leading a ceramics training session in Kabul.Three colleagues from the Afghan Institute of Archaeology were trained in Kabul by the BACH ceramicist Pierre Siméon in January 2013. They were Ruh-allah Ahmad Zaj, Reih-Mahmad Reih Zada, and Farid al-Din Haydari from the Afghan Institute of Archaeology. The programme followed the full process of finds analysis from sorting and grouping the ceramics sherds, through to registration and documentation.

To view a selection of photographs taken during this training series please click here.

A second workshop was held for ten employees of the National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul, in February-March 2014. Skills covered during the seminar included basic identification and classification of Islamic period ceramics, as well as recording methods, drawing and photography of the artefacts.

Banner Image: Tepe Rustam of Balkh, thought to be the old Buddhist temple site of Naw Bahar. Photo by Arezou Azad