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The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project 


Fals coins from Balkh, dated 93/711-12While initially we expected 500-1,000 cleaned coins, Professor Stefan Heidemann has assessed that there are close to 2,000 coins that have been excavated from Balkh and many of them had not been cleaned prior to the BACH Project. Professor Heidemann and his assistant Matthias Naue have been cleaning the coins, and they are currently working on publishing the corpus. The coins were excavated from four sites in the old city of Balkh, and date from between the 2nd century BC through to the Barakzai period in the 20th century. Medieval specimens include pieces minted in the Umayyad, Abbasid, Saljuq, Qarakhanid and Mongol periods.
mubarak coinThe corpus also includes foreign coins; for example from Sogdia, and Chinese or Chinese-type coins from Central Asia.

The artefacts being researched were primarily gathered from Balkh (intra mural area).

Banner Image: Tepe Rustam of Balkh, thought to be the old Buddhist temple site of Naw Bahar. Photo by Arezou Azad