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The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project 


Members of the BACH project team conducting training in AfghanistanMembers of the BACH project team conducting training in AfghanistanStefan Heidemann led training sessions in numismatics from September 15th to 21st 2012 at the Délégation archéologique française en Afghanistan and the National Museum in Kabul. Two colleagues from the Kabul National Museum attended the training. Lectures were entitled What is a Coin? Terms and Terminlogy; History of Islamic Coinages until the Mongol Invasion: Special Reference to Balkh; Making the Text Legible: Coin Conservation under Field Conditions; and Reading Islamic Coins: Case Studies. Trainees were drawn from a pool students of archaeology at the University of Kabul and Zanjan University in Iran, as well as curators of numismatics at the National Museum in Kabul.

Seminars and training sessions, pictured in the photographs above, were well received and proved to be an educational and enjoyable experience for everyone. Attendance was consistent and participation in discussion was high. Although there was only one official translator, a couple of others who were fluent in Dari and English facilitated a swift interchange between Profs Hoyland and Heidemann and those who wanted to pose questions and convey their own thoughts.

A second 'on-the-job' training session was undertaken in September-October 2013, with two curators from the National Museum of Kabul, aimed at cleaning the remaining coins and documenting them. For further details see the video of the training session.

Banner Image: Tepe Rustam of Balkh, thought to be the old Buddhist temple site of Naw Bahar. Photo by Arezou Azad