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The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project 

BACH Project News

12-13 Jan 2014

IMG 4467Professor Oliver Watson and Dr Pierre Siméon discuss ceramic finds from Balkh. Over the coming months these sherds will be analysed in the archaeometric lab at Oxford.On the 12th-13th January 2014 the Balkh Art and Cultural and Heritage Project organised a meeting of international specialists, focussing on the history and archaeology of early Islamic cities in Central Asia. Discussions centred on the current state of research and critical research questions for future work in the field. Through the round table it was possible to draw comparisons between our work on Balkh and the results of current projects at other historic urban landscapes in the region, in particular the cities of Merv (Turkmenistan) and Bukhara (Uzbekistan).

Banner Image: Tepe Rustam of Balkh, thought to be the old Buddhist temple site of Naw Bahar. Photo by Arezou Azad