Siglum: HCH 1  Script: Safaitic


l hnʾ bn ʿqrb bn hnʾ bn ḥyr w h- rgm


By Hnʾ son of ʿqrb son of Hnʾ son of Ḥyr and the cairn [is his]

Apparatus Criticus
MNH p. 383 n. 481: on ways of expressing grave-markers. l N bn/bnt N etc. w h- rgm "By N son/daughter of N and the cairn [is his/hers]."

The letters y r and w have been scored over. The text is by the same author and says the same as HCH 2. The text is written in an arc following the upper edge of the face with a line running beneath it beginning under the lām auctoris and ending under the m of rgm. Within the curve of this line is an apotropaic sign of seven lines. HCH 1 was almost certainly the first text to be inscribed on this face since it occupies the best area and the other inscriptions are fitted in around it.

Genealogy Funerary Structure

Country: Jordan
Region: Al-Mafraq Governorate
Site: Cairn of Haniʾ
Map reference: 360.185 (Palestine Belt Grid)
Latitude: 32.238590
Longitude: 37.249047
Present Location: Amman Museum J (14172)
Field collector: G.L. Harding
Notes: H5/Safawi
Associated Signs: 7 lines
Associated Inscriptions: HCH 130; 133-134; 145-146
Associated Remains: Cairn

[HCH] Harding, G.L. The Cairn of Haniʾ. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 2, 1953: 8-56, pls 1-7.

[MNH] Macdonald, M.C.A. Nomads and the Ḥawrān in the late Hellenistic and Roman periods: A reassessment of the epigraphic evidence.
Syria 70, 1993: 303-413. [Reprinted with the same pagination, plus addenda and corrigenda as Article II in M.C.A. Macdonald, Literacy and Identity in Pre-Islamic Arabia, (Variorum Collected Studies Series no. 906), Farnham: Ashgate, 2009].

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