Siglum: NST 3  Script: Safaitic

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l s²ʿ bn khl w wgm ʿl- s²gʾ ʾḫ -h rġm mny w ʾty nẓr h- ṯbrn mn- ʾl ṣbḥ s¹nt ḥrb -hm ʾl ʿwḏ b- wʿl w ġnmt l- ḏ dʿy w ʿwr ds²r ḏ ḫbl

By S²ʿ son of Khl and he grieved for S²gʾ his brother struck down by Fate and the warriors from the lineage of Ṣbḥ came to guard in the year the lineage of ʿwḏ waged war upon them near Wʿl and may he who would read aloud [the inscription] have spoil but may Ds²r blind him who would destroy [it]

Apparatus Criticus
Littmann quoted in commentary to NST 3: w ʾty nẓr h- ṯbrn mn "and he came looking for the man (or the two men) expelled from the ʾl ṣbḥ";
JSIS p. 206:
ʾty nẓr h- ṯbrn mn ʾṣbḥ "he came watching the destruction from the morning on";
JSaf.N 6: corrects his reading (above) to
mn ʾl ṣbḥ.

The translation is that of Al-Jallad 2015: 276.

Genealogy Grieving Group (in the narrative) Date (s1nt) Place-name Prayer Deity Curse

Site: Qaʿ el ʿAbid
Map reference: 360.218
Present Location: Amman Museum J (1816)
Associated Signs: 7 lines
Associated Remains: Cairn

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