Siglum: KRS 1991  Script: Safaitic

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l s¹ny bn ṣyd bn ʾṣr bn grmʾl w wgm ʿl- ḃny rġm mny w ts²wq ʾl- ʾhl -h f h lt qbll w rʿy h- ḍʾn s¹nt qbl ʾl- ḥrn qṣr ʿl- flf{ṣ}

By S¹ny son of Ṣyd son of ʾṣr son of grmʾl and he grieved for Bny struck down by Fate and he longed for his family and so O Lt [grant] a reunion of loved ones and he pastured the sheep the year the people of the Ḥawrān complained to Caesar about {Philippus}

Apparatus Criticus
MHED p. 288-289 nn. 26-28: s¹nt qbl ʾ{l-} ḥrn qṣr ʿl- flf{ṣ} - "the year the people of Hawrān complained to Caesar about Philippus " or " accused Philippus before Caesar"
MNH pp. 341-342: as MHED.

The ṣ at the end is rather crudely formed.


Country: Jordan
Region: Al-Mafraq
Map reference: Sheet 3555 III 663088
Present Location: In situ
Find date: 1989
Field collector: Geraldine King
Survey: Basalt Desert Rescue Survey (BDRS)
Notes: Jordan

[KRS] Inscriptions recorded by Geraldine King on the Basalt Desert Rescue Survey in north-eastern Jordan in 1989 and published here

[MHED] Macdonald, M.C.A. Herodian Echoes in the Syrian Desert. Pages 285-290 in S. Bourke & J.-P. Descoeudres (eds),
Trade, Contact, and the Movement of Peoples in the Eastern Mediterranean. Studies in Honour of J. Basil Hennessy. (Mediterranean Archaeology. Supplement, 3). Sydney: Mediterranean Archaeology, 1995. Pages: 288-289 nn. 26-28

[MNH ] Macdonald, M.C.A. Nomads and the Ḥawrān in the late Hellenistic and Roman periods: A reassessment of the epigraphic evidence.
Syria 70, 1993: 303-413. [Reprinted with the same pagination, plus addenda and corrigenda as Article II in M.C.A. Macdonald, Literacy and Identity in Pre-Islamic Arabia, (Variorum Collected Studies Series no. 906), Farnham: Ashgate, 2009]. Pages: 341-342

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