Siglum: Al-Namārah.H 91  Script: Safaitic

{}() ---- {-} - {}{} - {} ----

l tm bn s¹ʿd bn tm bn m{ʿ}(z) ---- ḥl {h-} dr s¹nt kbs¹ h- mlk {g}{r}fṣ h- {m}dnt w ---- s¹lm

By Tm son of S¹ʿd son of Tm son of {Mʿz} ---- he camped {here} the year King {Agrippa} laid seige to the {city} and --- security

It is not clear whether grfṣ here refers to Agrippa I (AD AD 37–44) or Agrippa II (AD 50 [?]–92/93), but it is more likely to be the latter since Agrippa I spent much of his short reign in Rome and is not known to have undertaken any military activity. On the other hand, Agrippa II took part in a number of sieges during the Roman suppression of the First Jewish Revolt (AD 66–70). See Macdonald 2014: 152–153.


Tagged Grammar:
w - Particle
l - Particle
l - Particle - "By"
dr - Substantive
s¹nt - Substantive
ḥl - Verb

Tagged Onomastics:
tm - Personal Name
tm - Personal Name
s¹ʿd - Personal Name
grfṣ - Personal Name

Country: Syria
Region: Al-Suweidah
Site: al-Namārah
Site number: 0
Find date: 22-09-1996
Field collector: Hussein Zeinaddin
Notes: Site K

[Al-Namārah.H] Inscriptions recorded by Hussein Zeinaddin during the Al-Namārah Rescue Survey 1996 and published here

Macdonald, M.C.A. ‘Romans Go Home’? Rome and other ‘Outsiders’ as viewed from the Syro-Arabian Desert. Pages 145-163 in J.H.E. Dijkstra & G. Fisher (eds),
Inside and Out. Interactions between Rome and the Peoples on the Arabian and Egyptian Frontiers in Late Antiquity. (Late Antique History and Religion, 8). Louvain: Peeters, 2014.

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