Sigla: LP 353; Is.Mu 99  Script: Safaitic

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l ʿm bn ḥn bn ḥnn bn s²hyt bn s¹ny bn ks¹ṭ bn ʿbdhm {b}{n} {b}{ʿ}{r} {b}{n} s²h{r} {b}{n} {r}{ṭ}{ḫ} w ḫrṣ mlkt ʾl yhd f h{y} lt w rḍy s¹lm

By ʿm son of Ḥn son of Ḥnn son of S²hyt son of S¹ny son of Ks¹ṭ son of ʿbdhm {son of} {Bʿr} {son of} {S²hr} {son of} {Rṭḫ} and he was on the look out for the queen of the Jewish people so, {O} Lt and Rḍy [grant] security

Apparatus Criticus
LP 353: bn mms²(y) (w) (m)(ṭ)(y) "son of {Mms²y} {and} {he made a hasty journey} for {b}{n} {b}{ʿ}{r} {b}{n} s²h{r} {b}{n} {r}{ṭ}{ḫ}; w ḫrṣ mlkt ʾl ʿhd "and he was looking out for Mlkt until this time" for w ḫrṣ mlkt ʾl ʿhd for w ḫrṣ mlkt ʾl yhd "and he was on the look out for the queen of the Jewish people"

The part of the text between ʿbd-hm and w ḫrṣ has been tampered with: letters have been joined and lines extended to give the impression of a series of m's (however compare the shape of the genuine m's in the text). In addition, lines have been drawn across the tops and bottoms of the and of rṭḫ. The stem of the y of yhd is rather long but this is explicable by its position at the junction of two lines. Littmann did not copy the complete line and so read it as l (or h) followed by ʿ. There is a small line to one side of the stem which Littmann thought could be the side-stroke of a h.

Genealogy Watch (keeping) Outside peoples Prayer Deity

Country: Syria
Region: Rif Dimashq
Site: Al-ʿĪsāwī
Site number: 15
Map reference: x: 0.297; y: 0.106 (Lambert Syria)
Latitude: 32.903569
Longitude: 37.320314
Present Location: In situ
Find date: 1904–1905, 1996
Field collector: Littmann; The SESP team
Survey: The Princeton University Archaeological Expeditions to Syria; The Safaitic Epigraphic Survey Programme (SESP))
Notes: Al-ʿĪsāwī is the name of a probably ancient well between two headlands on the eastern side of the Wādī Shām as it runs northwards from the modern Al-Namārah dam to the Ruḥbah. The well is large, stone lined and with stone water-channels running from it. The main concentration of published inscriptions is on the top of the northern headland, but there also many inscriptions on its south-west slopes, coming down to the well and on the southern headland, on the crest of which is a stone tower.
Associated Inscriptions: LP 354 (= Is.Mu 98) is on the same face as the first part of LP 353 (= Is.Mu 99); LP 352 (= Is.Mu 100) and Is.Mu 101 are on other faces

[Is.Mu] Inscriptions recorded at al-ʿĪsāwī by Muna Al-Muʾazzin, on the Safaitic Epigraphic Survey Programme, 1995–2002, and published here.

[LP] Littmann, E.
Safaïtic Inscriptions. Syria. Publications of the Princeton University Archaeological Expeditions to Syria in 1904–1905 and 1909. Division IV. Section C. Leiden: Brill, 1943.

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