Siglum: AbSWS 79  Script: Safaitic

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l ẓʿn bn grmʾl bn ẓʿn bn ḃnt bn ẓʿn bn ḫṭs¹t ḏ- ʾl kn w wgd s¹fr grmʾl f bʾs¹ mn ẓll w qnṭ ʾl rm s¹nt yhd f h lt ..... wqyt m bʾs¹

By Ẓʿn son of Grmʾl son of Ẓʿn son of Bnt son of Ẓʿn son of Ḫṭs¹t of the lineage of Kn and he found the inscription of Grmʾl and he was overshadowed by grief on account and he was afraid of the Romans in the Jewish year [ and so Lt [grant] protection from distress [this year].



Tagged Grammar:
w - Particle
f - Particle
h - Particle
l - Particle
l - Particle - "By"
w - Particle
s¹fr - Substantive
wgd - Verb
bʾs¹ - Verb
qnṭ - Verb

Tagged Onomastics:
lt - Divine Name
kn - Group Name
rm - Group Name
ẓʿn - Personal Name
ẓʿn - Personal Name
ẓʿn - Personal Name
grmʾl - Personal Name
grmʾl - Personal Name
ḃnt - Personal Name
ḫṭs¹t - Personal Name

Country: Jordan
Region: Al-Mafraq Province
Site: Wādī Salma
Latitude: 32.442588
Longitude: 37.288279
Present Location: Al-Mafraq Antiquities Office and Museum
Notes: Wādī Salmā
Associated Remains: Cairn 3

[AbSWS] ʿAbbādī [Abbadi], Ṣ. Nuqūš ṣafawiyyah min wādī salmā (al-bādiyah al-urduniyah). Amman: Badia Research and Development Center, 2006.

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