Siglum: AbSWS 79  Script: Safaitic

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l ẓʿn bn grmʾl bn ẓʿn bn ḃnt bn ẓʿn bn ḫṭs¹t ḏ- ʾl kn w wgd s¹fr grmʾl f bʾs¹ mn ẓll w qnṭ ʾl rm s¹nt ʾl yhd f h lt ---- wqyt m- bʾs¹

By Ẓʿn son of Grmʾl son of Ẓʿn son of Bnt son of Ẓʿn son of Ḫṭs¹t of the lineage of Kn and he found the inscription of Grmʾl and despair for those who remain and the Romans caused despair the year of the Jewish people and so Lt ---- [grant] protection from distress.



Country: Jordan
Region: Al-Mafraq Province
Site: Wādī Salma
Latitude: 32.442588
Longitude: 37.288279
Present Location: Al-Mafraq Antiquities Office and Museum
Notes: Wādī Salmā
Associated Remains: Cairn 3

[AbSWS] ʿAbbādī [Abbadi], Ṣ. Nuqūš ṣafawiyyah min wādī salmā (al-bādiyah al-urduniyah). Amman: Badia Research and Development Center, 2006.

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