Siglum: RSIS 324  Script: Safaitic

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l s²ʿṯm bn wtr bn ʾbgr ḏ-ʾl frṯ w rʿyw h- ḍʾn s¹nt ḥrb yhd

By S²ʿṯm son of Wtr son of ʾbgr of the lineage of Frṯ and he (?) pastured the sheep the year of the war of the Jews.


Country: Syria
Site: Tall aḍ-Ḍabiʿ/ Tall aḍ-Ḍbēʿah/ Wādī as-Samin-
Latitude: 32.726517
Longitude: 37.434863
Present Location: In situ
Find date: 2006
Field collector: Schirin Faisal Rawan
Notes: These inscriptions come from one of three sites, but the author does not specify which site applies to each inscription. The 3 sites from which they were gathered are listed below: Tall aḍ-Ḍabiʿ: 32° 43 50.84N and 37° 17 5.25E Tall aḍ-Ḍbēʿah: 32° 42 49.72N and 37° 18 3.56E Wādī as-Samin: 32. 39 13.52N and 37. 14 10.00E

[RSIS] Rawan, S. Neue safaitische Inschriften aus Süd-Syrien. (Semitica et Semitohamitica Berolinensia, 16). Aachen: Shaker, 2013.

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