Siglum: KJB 53  Script: Hismaic


l ḏf{r}n ḫṭṭ

By {Ḏfrn} is [the] drawer

Apparatus Criticus
ḫṭṭ, King: "[the] inscriber".

King (1990: 264) commented: "The fourth letter looks more like a
b, however, the name is written with clear r’s in KJC 45 and 648. The curves of the f are indistinct. From the position of the inscription ḏfrn is probably referring to the ibex above the end of the text although it is possible that he inscribed other drawings on the rock face as well. For this formula referring to drawings, see Ch.4.B.1. ḏfrn is not in Harding 1971".

Country: Jordan
Region: ʿAqabah Governorate
Site: Wādī Ǧudayid, site B
Latitude: 29.920648
Longitude: 35.496515
Present Location: In situ
Field collector: Geraldine King

Harding, G.L. An Index and Concordance of Pre-Islamic Arabian Names and Inscriptions. (Near and Middle East Series, 8). Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1971.

[KJB] King, G.M.H.
Early North Arabian Thamudic E. A preliminary description based on a new corpus of inscriptions from the Ḥismā desert of southern Jordan and published material. Ph.D thesis, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1990. [Unpublished]. 1990. Pages: 264

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