Siglum: KJC 140  Script: Hismaic

f s¹lḥ bʿr f ṣyd wʿl

And Bʿr armed [himself] and hunted an ibex (or ibex)

Apparatus Criticus
King (1990: 332) commented: "The is the only instance in these inscriptions where the text begins with the particle f. s¹lḥ, see KJC 139; ṣyd, cf. Ar. ṣāda, ‘he hunted’; wʿl, Ar. waʿl pl. waʿūl ‘ibex’, here, it might be either singular or plural".

Hunting Wild animals Drawing of a wild animal

Country: Jordan
Region: ʿAqabah Governorate
Site: Wādī Ǧudayid, site C
Latitude: 29.913152
Longitude: 35.4973355
Present Location: In situ
Field collector: Geraldine King

[KJC] King, G.M.H. Early North Arabian Thamudic E. A preliminary description based on a new corpus of inscriptions from the Ḥismā desert of southern Jordan and published material. Ph.D thesis, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1990. [Unpublished]. 1990. Pages: 332

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