The Gerald Averay Wainwright Fund for Near Eastern Archaeology

Robert Bewley project summaryThe Gerald Averay Wainwright Fund for Near Eastern Archaeology is based at the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford

The Wainwright Fund aims to encourage the study of non-classical archaeology of the countries of the Middle East. The projects supported are wide ranging; the Fund holds an annual Schools Essay Prize, awards Research Grants to mature scholars and also sponsors a post-doctoral Fellowship.

The most recent Research Grants were awarded in May 2017. The successful applicants were:

Dr Robert Bewley: Protecting the Past: Towards a better Future with Cultural Heritage (Summary of project here)

Dr Claudia Glatz and Dr Jesse Casana: Siwan Regional Project (SRP) and Khani Masi Excavations (Summary of project here)

Dr Carlo Colantoni: Early urbanism on the fringes of Mesopotamia (Summary of project here)

Dr James Fraser: The Khirbet Um al-Ghozlan Rescue Excavation Project (Summary of project here)

Professor Douglas Baird: Boncuklu 2016 (Summary of project here)

Eleni Asouti: Eastern Fertile Crescent prehistory project

Jane Moon: Illuminating a ‘Dark Age’: Investigating a settlement dating to the Sealand Dynasty of southern Iraq

Douglas Baird: The Boncuklu Project; first farmers of central Anatolia

Christoph Bachhuber: Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project

Robert BEWLEY: Protecting the Past: Towards a Better Future with Cultural Heritage 

Carlo COLANTONI: Early urbanism on the fringes of Mesopotamia

James FRASER: The Khirbet Um al-Ghozlan Excavation Project

Claudia GLATZ: The Khani Masi Excavation Project 

Robyn INGLIS & Anthony SINCLAIR: Early Stone Age Activity and Environment at Wadi Dabsa, SW Saudi Arabia

Toby WILKINSON: Digital intensive survey around Tavşan Adası

Previous grants from the Wainwright Fund have assisted the work of many specialists in the field of Near Eastern Archaeology, including:

  • John Gait (A petrographic study of Nubian A-Group and C-Group pottery from Egypt and Sudan, 4th-2nd millennium BC)
  • Amber Hood (Illuminating Early Dynastic Egypt)
  • John McGinnis (Ziyaret Lower Town Project)
  • Alison Meakes (Petrographic analysis of Neolithic ceramics from Fars Province, Iran)
  • Paul Nicholson (The Catacombs of Anubis, Saqqara)
  • Piotr Bienkowski (International Umm al-Biyara Project)
  • Eleanor Scerri (The Aterian in Northwest Africa)
  • Tania Tribe (Archaeological Survey of medieval royal sites in Wadla, N. Ethiopia)
  • Elizabeth Bloxam (Forgotten Landscape: third archaeological survey of the Wadi Hammamat greywacke quarries, Egypt)
  • Bruce Routledge (Dhiban in the Iron Age IIB Period: Sequence, economy and preservation)
  • Rob Hosfield (Connecting the Acheulean World: International Collaborations in the Earlier Palaeolithic of the Sudan)
  • Nick Barton (The Origins of the Aterian in North Africa)
  • Emma Baysal (Technology at Boncuklu Hoyuk)
  • Ben Gearey (Identifying spatial and temporal relationships between resource exploitation, environment and landscape during the Halaf period: a case study of Domuztepe, southeast Turkey)
  • Ferran Borrell (Neolithic Heterogeneity: the case of the central Syrian desert)
  • Alison Damick (Bronze Age Ground Stone Technology and Craft Production in Lebanon)
  • Ian Shaw (Satellite imagery, geophysical survey and excavation at Gurob, southern Faiyum area, Egypt)