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al-saūr is a game for two players and takes around 20 minutes to play. The players take on the role of physicians working in Baghdad in the late 10th Century. In 10 days, ʿAḍud al-Dawla will decide who to appoint as Chief Physician (al-Saūr) at the newly-built ʿAḍudī bimaristan, and the players must raise their prestige by performing various activities around the hospital, in the hope that the Emir will choose them for the prestigious role of al-Saūr. Each activity has different costs and prestige points associated with it, as well as special actions that may help the players during games.

This is a dice-driven mini game that features only 9 cards, 3 dice, 20 wooden cubes, and 2 wooden pawns. Six of the cards show the various actions available to the players, through which they can gain prestige and special abilities. The dice results that are available to them each turn will provide them with available action spaces, and points to spend on their actions.

The mechanics of the game are based on the print and play prototype Six Suns of the Sultan, which was designed by Todd Sanders, and the artwork used on the cards comes from the collections held at The Morgan Library and Museum in New York.

al-saūr features rules for solo play.


al-saur is available for Tabletop Simulator on Steam for Windows or Mac computers. You can download the game from the following url:







An instructional video on how to play the game can be viewed below. Note that I am using automatic text to speech translation to generate subtitles, so these may occasionally be rather odd, as the technology is not quite there yet. Also note, that you should always check the rulebook - just because I developed the game doesn't mean I always remember how to play it properly :/



Physical copies of the game may be purchased from The Gamecrafter at the following url:




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